Flower: Female Chromosome 'xx'
Members: 5
Debut: 24 August 2009
Entertainment: SM Entertainment

MV: Chocolate love - Chu - Electric Shock - Hot summer - La cha ta - Nu ABO - Pinocchio (danger) - Rum pum pum pum
PV: Hot summer



Stagename: Victoria
Name: Song Qian
Date of birth: 2 February 1987
Place of birth: Qingdao, Shandong, China
Nationality: Chinese
Bloodtype: A
Height: 168 cm
Postion: leader, vocalist, main dancer
*Languages: Chinese, Korean



Stagename: Amber
Name: Amber Josephine Liu
Date of birth: 18 September 1992
Place of birth: Los Angeles, California, US
Nationality: Taiwanese
Bloodtype: B
Height: 167 cm
Postion: rapper, sub-vocalist
*Languages: Mandarin, English, Korean



Stagename: Luna
Name: Park Sun-Young
Date of birth: 12 August 1993
Place of birth: South-Korea
Nationality: Korean
Bloodtype: A
Height: 162 cm
Postion: lead vocalist



Stagename: Sulli
Name: Choi Jin-Ri
Date of birth: 23 March 1994
Place of birth: Yangsan, Gyeongsangnam-Do, South-Korea
Nationality: Korean
Bloodtype: O
Height: 167 cm
Postion: vocalist, face of the group



Stagename: Krystal
Name: Jung Soo-Jung
Date of birth: 24 October 1994
Place of birth: San Fransisco, California, US
Nationality: Korean
Bloodtype: O
Height: 165 cm
Postion: maknae, main vocalist
*Younger sister of SNSD' Jessica